We're a STEM-focused, 501(c)(3) dedicated to student success. 

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We inspire students to pursue aerospace & science education and career opportunities by providing a hierarchy of competitions and events that highlight student skills in engineering, aviation, teamwork and leadership. 


U.S. Drone Soccer is a turnkey aviation workforce development program. Our mission is to help schools adopt accessible pathways for students into high-demand, high-paying aerospace careers. Join our mailing list:

Elementary Enrichment & Summer Camps

 This introductory program illustrates aviation and physical sciences principles. 
This program uses lightweight and simple drone products that are child-safe, affordable, and forgiving for young pilots.

U12 Kids

Middle & High School Career Education

Our primary offering...immersive industry skills training as students build, program, innovate, and learn to fly open-source aircraft as a team. Full-contact gameplay takes place inside a netted arena that fits in any school, serving as an exciting feeder program for advanced courses and aviation careers. 

U12 Youth Guide

Economic Impact

Boost recruitment and retention into aerospace careers for women and underserved students. We provide industry training courses and curriculum for educators to establish lasting aviation pathways at every level from elementary through post-graduate. Extracurricular competitive leagues foster mentorship, teamwork, and leadership through the language of professional aviation.



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