Flight Software Downloads


There are a few open-source programs that allow for complete control and customization of the Drone Soccer Ball flight computer. 

Betaflight is a fully programmable flight controller software used to configure the firmware embedded in the computer flight controller onboard multi-rotor craft aircraft. Betaflight is open-source and available FREE in several formats. 

Download the Betaflight Configurator: 

Download the BLHeli Configurator - software to program the four onboard Electronic Speed Controllers. Motor direction and firmware updates are most common uses. 


Connecting flight controller to computer

With either program open, connect the USB cord to the drone then into the computer. You should see the modem identified and the program will likely auto-connect. If not, click on the “Connect” button. If this does not work, try alternate USB ports. 

MicroUSB cords are often utilized solely for charging and many DO NOT have a data connection. These power cables are a frequent source of frustration when drones will not connect to a computer. Mark your data cables from the kit with a label or tape so they do not get mixed up or lost.

Installing drivers - Some older computers may not automatically recognize the flight computer. There are drivers provided free that can help with this.

Connected with limited functionality - While you can connect to Betaflight and BLHeli without power supplied to the drone and perform some functions, you will be required to connect a battery for full functionality (testing of radio receivers and motor directions).  DO NOT TEST WITH PROPELLERS ATTACHED!