Science Meets Sports


Students stood outside the cage, waiting for their match to start, anticipating the signal from the camp instructor.

It was a relaxing, entertaining ending to a week of hard work at one of the U.S. Drone Soccer camp sessions brought to Modesto Junior College’s West Campus through a partnership between MJC’s Lifelong Learning Division and Modesto City Schools.

The group of 10 middle school students, split into two teams of five on opposite sides of a net, stood with controllers in hand, laser-focused on the drones they built. The aircraft sat in a line on the ground, ready to be flown.

One of the campers was Diego Hernandez-Juarez, a 15-year-old who attended every drone soccer camp offered through the partnership.

He stood next to his brother, Moises, as the two protected their hanging goal from the opposing team’s striker drone.


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