NPR - Drone Soccer Takes Flight In U.S. As Colorado Hosts First Academic Competition

KUNC | Stephanie Daniel

Back at the competition, it is the second round and Westminster has swapped out players. Three new students man the drones, including Tran, the striker.

Westminster’s black and teal drones bobbed, weaved and flew around rapidly. The defenders blocked the opposing striker and Tran scored multiple times.

“Westminster is ahead by one,” Sanders announced.

When the round was over, they had the lead.

But in the third round, Westminster’s drones had calibration issues and the team ended up losing it and the match. The school went on to play two more games and finished the tournament in third place.

But Tran still had a great time and hopes to play again next school year.

“Wow, that was incredible,” he said. “We were so close, but we all did really great, especially for the amount of experience we’ve had.”

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